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Chat 1 on 1 with Creators & Consultants
Gain advice from Industry Professionals
Educational Panels - Music & Games

Influencer Meet & Greets

Educational Panels

Music & Games with Influencers


Digital Bliss

Here you can meet Creators, learn how to grow social channels, monetize content more efficiently and build a brand.

Digital Bliss icon logo social media educational and meet & greet event


Meet successful influencers

Meet the talent & snap a photo

Snag an Autograph or make a quick TikTok

Gain advice from industry professionals

Learn & gain insights from industry experts

Learn the ins and outs of creating content

Hear true behind the scenes stories

Listen to influencers stories & participate in a moderated Q&A

Enjoy games and music LIVE with upcoming stars

Take part in some on stage games

Listen to music from up-and-coming artists

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